A friend called my attention to a knit book out that comments on this site. She trys to write as an impartial judge but her views come out in derogatory statements about President Trump. She references this site as the fact that it has a half knit flag as its logo and the Statue of Liberty. However, she thought the Statue of Liberty should have a pussyhat on it and I’m not quite sure what she thought was meant by the half knit flag. After all, this is a knitting site AND patriotic. Hence, knitted flag. I think sometimes people should take things at face value and not always try to read into them how they want the narrative to be. It also mentions our good friend Deplorable Knitter. (Whose hats I’ve made several of. They are the ones that ravelry took off of their site due to the fact that Republicans are not allowed to post conservative thoughts.). My friend saved me from wasting my money on this book although in the light of fairness, she did say there were a few interesting tidbits in it.
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