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    • I’m getting ready to go to the airport. Another fun stitches was had by all. As usual we made lots of memories and have some great stories. It started with Mary at the airport almost getting on a plane to Dallas instead of San Jose. She scanned her ticket and was walking down the walkway when the stewardess yelled. “Miss, miss!. You’re getting on the wrong plane“. She was of course getting on the wrong plane and we quizzed her about that all weekend.
      At one point I was trying to wash my hands in the bathroom and you know how they have the automatic water come on? I kept moving my hands around in front of it and the damn water wouldn’t come out. As I was getting ready to move to the next sink as you usually have to do, oops! I noticed the handle on the faucet that you use to just turn it on. Huh! Imagine that.
      Judy and I had a class that was called something like alternate brioche, knit one below. The teacher was nice but different. She must’ve taught school at one point because she kept clapping her hands to get our attention. She was trying to explain some thing with purl bumps here and flat on the other side. No one sitting around us understood it so one of the girls asked her to explain it again. She did and we still didn’t understand. She explained it again and we still don’t understand. Finally she said this isn’t really important and I can’t dwell on it anymore. I have to move on. I had already decided it was something I was never going to understand what she was saying so I gave up a while back! Everyone else just sort of shrugged and said oh well. Judy and I had changed our minds and didn’t want to take the class before we even went in. Judy said we had to. I said OK but I’m leaving at half time. If I tell you, we did not get maybe a half hour into the class until we knew we wanted out. So, I pulled my phone out and acted like it rang. I stepped outside to fake talk on it and came back in. Judy all innocent like says “is everything OK?“ I say in a stage whisper “we have to go pick up Mary. “. She says “oh OK” and we gathered our things. I went up to the teacher and told her that we had to leave and it was no reflection on her class but we had to go pick up a friend. She said she hoped everything was OK and I said yes her car just broke down! Off we went. 馃ぃ. We didn’t want to hurt the teachers feelings, but we needed to get out of there. There was knitting be done! As we talked about it later, we think what she was trying to tell/teach us was the difference between a knit and a purl stitch. Can you imagine?
      One night Michele was reading in bed and she smelled something. Come to find out the girls in the room next to her were smoking pot. It was the best nights sleep she got while she was here!
      We saw the head Stitches guy, I can’t remember his name, and asked him how many people attend this event. He said the numbers weren’t in for this year yet, but last year 10,000 people came. We all think it was down this year because there’s another stitches event in Southern California.
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    • The weird picture with no yarn we think is the “quiet” room. They said they would have one for people who had sensory overload or things got too loud for them. We all wondered why they wouldn’t go to their room, outside or a corner and have a little rest. There were plenty of places to do that in.
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    • We were sitting in the regency room Saturday when we heard a woman next to Mary say something about Palm Springs. I asked if she was going there and come to find out she used to live there, was a good friend of Montana Pam’s and came to the Haven! We all thought she looked familiar but didn’t know why. So, Diane and Pam are going next year and are going to room together! (Barb, Mary, Chris, Pam, Judy, Michele). Diane is in the grey on the front left. By the way, don’t you love the electrical tape holding my pattern in place? #stitcheswest
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    • STITCHES BABY! I thought it could be fun to blog about my trip to Santa Clara to attend Stitches West. If you’ve never been, you need to go. Ha. I say that like it’s Rome or something! The excitement started at the Palm Springs airport. I was flying out and President Trump was flying in. (He had a way better plane than I did馃槅). I went early thinking security would be tight and take longer. I must have gotten there early enough to miss most of that. There were only a few of us at our “concourse”. I say that lightly as it’s only about 5 gates? I got to talking to the police officer and asked when Trump came in. He said he wasn’t allowed to tell me incase I was a terrorist. Then we both laughed. Even harder after he asked where I was off to and I showed him my “Women for Trump” bag! There were guys walking around looking in trash cans, men with dogs and the requisite suits with ear pieces. It was all pretty exciting. I couldn’t knit because I kept looking up to see what was going on. My head was on a swivel! My friend Sheri is very active in the desert women’s republican group and does a lot of volunteering. She got to go on the tarmac to greet the president and her husband Bobby drove one of the vans in the motorcade holding the press. She started to send me pictures and that made it really cool because I could see the line of cars and the stand but it was really far away. It’s about 2 hours before the flight and there still isn’t anyone at the gate so I figure we aren’t going until after he lands and is gone. They close the air space down for something like 30 miles when special events happen. They do it for the super bowl also. Finally a woman announces that she’s just been given word that we can leave. We are to be scanned out of gate 16 but go out gate 14. Don’t stop to take pictures, just hurry on so we can get out before they close things down. You never saw a plane load so fast! I almost wanted to stay to have him sign my Women for Trump bag but...I didn’t have a marker and you can’t write on yarn anyway!!! Here are some pictures. One is of Bobby getting scanned so he can drive one of those vans. Sheri also shook hands with Lindsey Graham.
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