I got an email from Mairlynd with this great idea. I thought it would be fun to do it here and share to her instagram if you would like. Below is her email: It's not only a year, it's a new decade that starts today. What will the 20s bring us? What are your wishes and hopes? How will our lives change in the upcoming years? Where will we be in ten years? I thought it would be fun to make a start today and begin January as "Yarnuary" - let's focus on something that connects all of us, that brings so many of us together, something that's such a source of creativity and joy. Use the prompt list and share something about yourself on social media - Instagram, Facebook or wherever you prefer. Show photos, tell stories - let us be part of your background! Share as much as you wish, every day or sporadically. Feel free to tell your friends and spread the word, and use #yarnuary2020 to browse all posts that'll be shared to learn something about your fellow yarn lovers. #yarnuary2020
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