In a nutshell, I’m a 62 year old woman who has been married to her best friend for 35 years. I knit 馃榿
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    • Rib afghan

      Fancy Rib Throw




      US 10

      Berocco chinchilla


      24 skeins @ 77’ ea

      co 163 Knit 8’ long
      Glacé for fringe on one end only
      To get this finished, I had to make a rule that I knit one skein a day before I could knit something else!

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    • Frolla


      Martin Story



      US 9

      Kidsilk haze


      Hot pink

      10 skeins @ 229’ ea

      This is a cross between my Lola and Frill. Added the ruffle on the short ends.
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    • Lace Lola

      #16 Yoga wrap




      Tess designer yarns microfiber ribbon



      This called for sleeves. I left them off. I did 9 full repeats on the first section, knit to row 10 of the 7th repeat on the middle. I cast on 142 to make it less wide, but this yarn grew tons so it’s really wide. Still like it.

      This is one of those things I have no idea what happened to it!

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    • Lola


      Fayla Reise and Barry Klein




      US 7

      Maggie knits slub



      11 skeins @ 88’ea

      Basically a long rectangle with armholes. Some people added sleeves.
      Gold and black Maggie slub
      Black is Eros Glitz. US 7
      Turquoise Fiesta Rayon Boucle
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    • Giotto cardigan

      Colinette giotto

      This cardigan was made so long ago, I have no notes. I love Giotto though. It’s a ribbon yarn that’s not like reg ribbon. It hangs better.
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    • Bunny

      Emma the Bunny

      Kerry Lord



      D - 3mm hook

      Toft DK (100% wool)



      300 gm 246’

      This book is awesome. I have 2 legs done so far and it’s fun to crochet! I already starting cheating though. I’m not counting the 15 rows on the leg, I’m just measuring. Each leg is 3.5” long. My legs aren’t as fat as the pattern calls for but I don’t think going up a needle would look right.

      Animal toy bunny
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    • Benny’s Baby

      Sliding garter Blanket

      Martha Lyons



      US 8

      Berroco Ultra Wool


      3336 dye lot 7B5769
      3350. Dye lot 7D0622 Chili 馃尪
      Provisional CO 125
      Bind off on red st st side with 10 dbl point
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    • Gail's Shawl


      Janina Kallio

      CO 91


      US 6

      Buffalo Gold LUX #12


      Desert Rose

      5+ 330'ea

      I bought the pattern at Stitches West one year. Several years earlier I bought a skein of the yarn. Of course 1 skeins wasn't enough so the next year I bought another. Then I found a pattern that called for more than 600'. The yarn in my color at least is discontinued. Gail had a skein plus some of another which she gave to me before she passed away. Well, now this yarn has taken on epic proportions as its yarn from discontinued yarn, soft as anything but most of all it's from Gail. You know what I'm going to say right? I need to make the perfect project. I did so many gauge swatches on different projects I was afraid I would run out of yarn just doing gauges! I finally settled on a pattern that I loved but was at least 1 skein short. On a whim one Saturday morning I emailed the company that makes this yarn thinking maybe, just maybe they had some. I told the story about my friend giving me yarn....and left my phone number in case they had any. I KID YOU NOT, it wasn't 25 minutes later the nicest man in all the world called me. He said it was indeed discontinued and he was pretty sure he didn't have any but he went out and looked for some. Low and behold under a counter or something there was one, ONE lone skein left in all the factory. He asked for my address and said he would send it to me. When I asked what I owed he said "Nothing. This is what knitters do. We help each other..." He said a lot of other nice things that made me cry happy tears and yell "Hey Gail, I got the yarn". Unfortunately the pattern I picked out didn't work for various reasons I won't go into here so I'm doing this pattern. I want to knit something with this yarn before I wear it out doing gauges or I'm too old! Thank you wonderful man at Buffalo Gold.
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